Advantages to Getting a 50cc Motorbike

People from a non-biking background tend to criticise the 50cc motorbike for being underpowered, girly and like a toy, but this is a very shallow view. This article aims to turn those people into 50cc bike lovers! All its main advantages are listed below, hopefully they are all things you agree with.

Low Running Costs

For most people buying a 50cc motor bike, cost is factor. As a rough guide, the smaller the engine, the lower the cost and this means that 50 cc motorbikes are often the cheapest to purchase. 50 cc motor bikes use a lot less fuel to run than bikes with larger engines and perform very well in mile per gallon (MPG) comparison charts making them popular with young drivers.

Cheap Insurance

As with cars, motor bikes are divided into insurance groups relevant to the power they have and the speed they can travel. The logic behind this is the slower you can drive, the less likely you are to have an accident which is likely to incur a insurance claim. 50cc bikes are the least powerful bike on the market so are in a low insurance group and have very low insurance costs.


In a lot of countries including the UK it’s possible to drive a 50 cc motor bike or scooter two year before it’s possible to drive a full powered bike. As a result a lot of youngsters use the smaller bikes to learn their basic road craft.

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned previously, 50cc motor cycles consume a lot less petrol than bikes with large engines and are therefore are a lot less harmful to the environment.


Driving at slower speeds decreases the chance of accident and this has been proven time and time again. Also, the slower you drive the less likely you are to sustain serious injury if you were to crash.


Due to their image, 50cc motor bikes are not for everyone but if you’re a youngster, poor or want to make your fist steps in to bike riding then you will not be disappointed with a 50cc bike.

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