Be Prepared: What’s Around The Corner

Strap on your motorcycle gloves, you’re ready for that familiar Sunday blast up the highway on your new Softail. You’ve been riding bikes long enough to have exceptional skills; your first bike was a BSA Bantam, then you decided to grab life by the handlebars and experience the American dream. Your motorbike gloves have never been the same since!

So what happens when something unexpected occurs? How do you react when a deer runs out in front of you? A rabbit or a badger isn’t so bad. You can belt them across their furry face with the back of your motorcycle gloves and it won’t alter your cruising rev range one tiny bit. There’s a reason why they end up as roadkill…they are smaller than you!

But what about a cow? Well, they always look at you! The trick is…not to look at it, but to where you’re going to go when you accelerate and get clear of the problem. Watch out for cattle grids too.

What happens when you get a puncture? After you’ve pounded the gas tank with your motorbike gloves numerous times, you can calm down after you realize that you can get a puncture anywhere, anytime. Fortunately, tires deflate reasonably slowly, especially if you run over a screw or a sharp piece of wood. You’ve left the puncture repair kit, that you usually store under the seat, at home! So, you make a mad dash between garages to top up with air otherwise you phone a friend and wait.

Your girlfriend is in front of you riding her new SuperLow. The last thing you want to do is run up her rear end! She is living the dream too. Don’t spoil HER fun. She has strapped on her motorbike gloves and is breaking free too! Give her some room. She may have seen that same cow or deer, and has suddenly braked. Pay full attention to your ride or this could get you into trouble. Remember, you’ve been practicing cornering, “threading the needle” and counter-steering, so you’re not about ride up anyone’s chuff. Watch for that back brake light.

So, it could be someone pulling out in front of you, a cop with a radar gun or the tell-tale rainbow of diesel in the middle of the road. Be Prepared. You have pulled on your motorcycle gloves for one reason, to twist the throttle at will, not to be pickin’ yourself up off the asphalt, cursing yourself for not paying attention.

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