Common Causes of Motorbike Breakdown

Motorbikes are preferred by other drivers because it can be more convenient for them compared to using cars. This may be because they appreciate the fact that the vehicle is smaller and that it is easier to drive around with it especially on busy streets. Others say that it is because they are able to save up gasoline expenses because it consumes less gas.

You may think that because you are not driving four-wheeled vehicle, you are less prone to experiencing breakdowns. Well, too bad because even motorbikes have a few common breakdown causes. Fact is, simple breakdowns happen unexpectedly and it is still best to be cautious and be prepared.

There is no other way to prepare yourself from breakdowns and be able to avoid those other than to keep yourself well informed. Here are the simple and common causes of motorbike breakdown so that you will know what to anticipate in the future.

It may seem too common and obvious but really, the frequent cause of motorbike breakdown is running out of gas. This may be because some drivers are too confident that their motorbikes will not consume too much gas so they end up not making it to the next gas station. It is best to check your gauge regularly to avoid such inconvenience.

Another common reason is having a flat tire. The problem with this is that motorbikes do not usually carry along a spare tire just like cars. To avoid encountering such a problem, check your tires before starting your motorbike. Ensure that there is enough air in it. If in case you feel that you ran over something along the way and busted your tires, start going to the safer side of the road immediately.

Most people who drive motorbikes also experience breakdown because of a weak or discharged battery. You can easily detect if your battery is not functioning well if the engine would not start up. If it is a simple case of discharged or drained battery, using a jumper may solve this easily. On the other hand, if your battery has completely malfunctioned, there is no other choice but to change it.

Like other vehicles, overheating is another common problem for motorbike drivers. This may be because of a long continuous drive or a hot temperature. If you are going on a long drive, take a break every once in a while so that your motorbike can also cool down.

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