How to File Motorbike Accident Claims?

We understand that motorbike accidents can be extremely stressful times with people worrying about the lives and well-being of their near and dear ones. Planning the insurance claim can be the last thing on your mind. However, you need to pull yourself together and start filing the claim well within the deadline if you are expecting positive results from the process. For those of you wanting to figure out the details of filing motorbike accident claims, here is some basic guidance

Let the insurance company know!

If your precious motorbike is involved in an accident, the first thing to do is to let the insurance company know. Even if you have made the mistake, don’t hesitate to let the insurance company know. In fact, notifying the insurance company is the most important part of the entire process of filing your claim.

What does your policy cover?

It is important to know the details of the policy that describes the insurance cover for your motorbikes. We are not asking you to memorize the fine print. But, you must know the basic areas of damage that are covered as part of the policy. Additionally, your policy also covers the time frame according to which you need to make submissions in the event of a motorbike accident. Ensure that you follow this time frame as it will also increase the credibility of your claim.

File the claim

In the event of an unfortunate accident, remember to file the claim as soon as possible. You can either do this yourself or approach the insurance agent for guidance. While filing the claim, try to put all the documentation in order, as desired. Even in cases where you are unable to submit all the papers, notify the concerned executive of the company and give proper reasoning that is causing the delay. Chances are you may be granted extra time to arrange for the missing documents.

File online!

There are many companies that allow users to file their claims through online medium as well. This reduces the effort on your part and also ensures that your documents are submitted faster especially when you are running short of time.

Seek legal assistance

If you feel the insurance company is not treating your claim fairly, you can always approach legal firms to help you out. However, we would recommend you to opt for legal assistance only if the case and the compensation involved are worth the effort.

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