Motorbike Communications Made Easy

With the roar of the engine and the freedom to explore the open road, motorbikes represent a very individual way to get around. What if you still need to stay in touch with others while you are on the move?

Unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle would be viewed by many as being an individual pursuit. Despite that image, many bike owners like to hit the road with passengers in tow, or alternatively ride as part of a larger group of bikers.

In such circumstances, being able to communicate with those nearby would seem like a useful thing to be able to do. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple task has been relatively difficult until recently.

The engine noise that was mentioned in the opening phrase of this article is actually one of the key problems with attempting to hold a conversation on the back of a bike.

When you’re seated so close to the engine and the noise is so loud, how can you possibly expect to hear or make yourself heard by others?

Such complications have meant that it has even been difficult to hold a conversation with somebody sat behind the rider, let alone those located greater distances away.

Solving the problem appears to have taken some time, but a solution has appeared and it has come from a slightly unlikely source. Bluetooth technology is leading the way.

Originally developed as a means of enabling two pieces of computer hardware to communicate without the need for wires or cables, bluetooth is being added to motorcycle helmets.

With the rider and passenger both wearing helmets fitted with bluetooth headsets, it becomes possible for the two to hold a conversation.

The noise that once seemed so restrictive is no longer a problem. Bluetooth has helped to improve motorcycle communications.

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