Motorbikes and the Bluetooth Revolution

Motorbike owners tend to love the thrill of the open road. For many, it’s one of the great attractions of owning a motorcycle. You might wonder how state of the art technology could help.

The freedom provided by a motorbike is what many bike owners buy into. These machines allow people the freedom to roam, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying being out in the elements.

Many like to do this as a joint activity, taking along a partner as a passenger. This sounds ideal – a great shared activity.

Over the years it has become clear that there is one rather large problem in this situation: it’s almost impossible for two people to have a conversation on the back of a motorbike.

The problem is largely caused by noise. Being in a position where you’re close to a roaring engine is one of the great joys of being a rider and yet that same noise hampers any attempt to speak to your passenger.

Once you add in the road noise, plus disruption caused by wind and rain, it’s clear to see that this type of situation is not really conducive to a talkative day out.

While car drivers find it easy to talk to passengers and can even benefit from having mobile phone conversations, bike riders have been left out of the loop.

Until now, that is. Things are finally starting to change, thanks in no small part to the development of bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth was originally developed as a means of allowing two pieces of hardware to communicate without the need for cables or wires. This is what is known as wireless communications.

In the case of motorbikes, it is used in headsets which can be provided to riders and passengers. These headsets allow them to communicate with each other, removing the background noise that would otherwise make things difficult.

Even more impressively, when used in conjunction with a bluetooth enabled mobile phone, they allow a motorcycle owner to conduct mobile phone conversations, meaning that they can always be in touch with others.

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