Make Motorcycle Exhaust-Pipe Headers Great Again

The expansion-chamber exhaust pipes that have graced two-stroke dirt bikes for decades have historically been painted black—and more recently sometimes plated for more bling and durability. Black paint makes sense as a standard coating because it keeps the production costs low, is easily redone with aftermarket rattle-can paints, and in the event touch-ups or repairs […]

2019 KTM 690 Enduro R On-/Off-Road Review (16 Fast Facts)

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These Air Compressor Tools Are Ideal For Motorcyclists

If you think pneumatic tools are the province of diesel mechanics, farmers, and contractors, you’re not wrong. But they also have a place in a motorcyclist’s garage. From applying mondo torque to free seized bolts that Liquid Wrench can’t touch to using a blow gun to dry your bike’s hidden recesses, pneumatic tools come in […]

2020 Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon Scooter First Look

2020 Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon Debuts at EIMCA 2019 While Vespa scooters have always been high-level industrial fashion, that doesn’t stop the trendsetting Italian brand from going outside of itself and engaging a hot new designer. Sean Wotherspoon is a noted designer of American youth streetwear, and Vespa partnered with him to create the 2020 […]

Behind The BST Hypertek Electric Motorcycle

The major masses: simple carbon frame, in-unit fork tubes and upper/lower crowns, “tank” housing power supply and control electronics, metallic-orange radiator, below it the main battery section, and under the seat, the electric motor. (BST/ As the wraps are whisked off the fab prototype, almost invisible in the center of the crowd here at the […]

Jorge Lorenzo Announces Retirement From MotoGP

On the eve of the season-ending MotoGP race at Valencia, Jorge Lorenzo (seen here in April at Circuit of The Americas) held a press conference to announce his retirement. The five-time world champion recalled his career highlights with the lucidity and smoothness that characterized his riding style. (Andrew Wheeler/ “Is this really worth it?” Eighteen […]