Super Performance on the Street

2019 Ducati Hypermotard 950 SP Test:Out In the Street When the Hypermotard came onto the scene in 2005, it immediately staked its claim in the hallowed halls of motorcycle history as a motorcycle capable of transforming even those with the most crestfallen, Eeyore-like personalities into stark raving mad wheelie aficionados. While most of the Hypermotard’s […]

Books About The Philosophical Side Of The Motorcycle

The beauty of the motorcycle is that it can be the lens through which we view the world. If you’re interested in history or art or engineering or philosophy, the motorcycle is a ready subject of contemplation. As the following books explore, wrenching on a motorcycle can express the dignity of manual work, it can […]

How Does 5 Million—Yes, Million—Pound-Feet Of Torque Sound?

It’s natural for us competitive two-legged critters to want to present our favorite engines in the best possible light, but we do have to accept that it’s all relative. After all, a Harley-Davidson or Indian Big Twin, making peak power at a low 5,500 rpm and peak torque of more than 100 pound-feet at an […]

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists

Budget-Minded Motorcycle Holiday Gift Guide Here it comes – another Holiday gift season. If there’s a motorcyclist on your list to buy for, it can be difficult to know what they might need or want. Stress ensues. Then when you spot things they might want or need, the price tag might cause more stress. It […]

HJC i10 Review: High-Quality Basic Motorcycle Helmet

HJC i10 Motorcycle Helmet Test: Snell Approval and More Since the debut of the high-end RPHA line six years ago, HJC has been consistently upgrading its extensive range of helmets. HJC has repositioned itself from being a maker of inexpensive helmets to being known for its high-value helmets. The RPHA helmets remain at the top […]

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S Claims ‘Most Beautiful Bike’ of EICMA 2019

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