Ride Your Motorcycle for Longer With the Comfort of Australian Made Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers

Sheepskin motorcycle seat covers are the very best solution for riding comfort. They are available in a wide variety of materials, sheepskin provides the ideal combination of practicality, comfort, durability, economy and good looks.

Riding for any significant distance on standard seats almost always leads to discomfort: sweating and chaffing from the heat, excessive vibration, numb bum and back pain. Apart from being uncomfortable, these factors lead to more frequent stops for relief, disrupting a good ride. Choosing a sheepskin motorcycle cover will go a long way to removing these problems.

The natural structure of wool ensures that sheepskin breathes and insulates which provides a cushion of air that helps reduce pain. This ensures that you can ride for longer periods in comfort. Sheepskin is water and heat resistant and can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling wet or damp.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you will be looking for good quality accessories that enhance your enjoyment and add value to your expensive asset. One of the best investments you can make is in a custom made sheepskin seat cover.

Look for a supplier that specialises in producing sheepskin motorcycle seat covers and offers a refund/replacement policy. Although there are many suppliers that offer “universal” covers, it is far better to have a seat cover made to the specific measurements of your specific motorbike model. Patterns and measurements for a huge range of makes and models are available. A good supplier can also find additional or unusual patterns, if they don’t have yours in stock.

Do not worry about your seat covers in the rain. Waterproof cycle saddle savers are a lightweight cover that can be placed over your sheepskin to keep off rain while riding, or rain and dew while the bike is outside overnight. If you are unlucky to be caught with a saturated seat cover, again do not despair. Simply towel your sheepskin dry, reposition the cover if necessary and continue to ride. There will be a little discomfort, but the characteristics of woollen fibres that make them comfortable also make them dry quickly.

You can also have custom made top quality sheepskin seat covers for your car, truck, mobility scooter, wheelchair, motorhome, golf cart, aircraft, scooter, bicycle and even office chairs! Many patterns are available for a variety of makes and models of cars and trucks, or you can send your measurements to your supplier so they can alter covers to fit your vehicle.

Sheepskin seat covers can be cleaned by hand or machine-washed in warm water, using recommended wool detergents. Machine washing should be on a very gentle cycle. Do not dry in a machine or direct sunlight. Keep a note of the cleaning instructions that come with your sheepskin seat cover, make sure you follow them and you will be enjoying one of nature’s great gifts for many years to come.

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