SHARK Motorbike Helmets

SHARK is a leading motorcycle helmet manufacturing company from France. Its birth place is Marseille, France and was born in the year 1929. SHARK is one of Europe’s most famous and successful motorcycle helmet manufacturing enterprise.

Though SHARK enjoyed popularity and respect in EUROPE, it was not very popular in United States for a long time. SHARK became well known in the United States only in the year 2006. The man who made SHARK helmets famous in the United States market is Tucker Rocky. Tucker Rocky is a distributor from Texas.

What is the purpose of wearing a helmet? Why is it so important? Style, statement, glamour, mark? No. The very basic concept of wearing a helmet is for safety. People wear helmets to protect their head from accidents and sudden crashes. And SHARK is very cautious about this factor. SHARK is dedicated and more concentrated on the safety factor. SHARK Company is very much concerned about the safety and quality of their helmets.

SHARK helmets are more carefully and deliberately designed in such a way that they absorb much of the impact caused by an accident or a collision. Thus, ensuring more protection to the person wearing the helmet. SHARK makes use of the concept of “crumple zones” in the manufacture of their helmets which is a concept used in automobile manufacture. ‘Crumple zones’ are regions in automobiles which absorb much of the impact resulting from a head-on collision or a crash. This concept is used in SHARK helmets to provide more safety to the rider wearing it. After an accident, SHARK helmets can be found more damaged when compared to other helmet brands because of the implementation of the ‘crumple zones’ idea.

Thick Visor is one of the characteristic features of SHARK helmets. For instance the RSR2 and RSX helmets from SHARK are 3mm thick. These are the thickest visors available in the helmets market. SHARK Corporation states that they use Formula One technology in their visors. SHARK Helmet is now one of the most popular Motorbike Helmets in the United States.

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