Sturdy Motorbikes for an Awesome Ride

Who doesn’t love the feeling of wind on their face when riding a bike up the hill with the sun shining bright and warm? Almost everyone loves the exhilarating experience of riding a bike. While some describe that encounter with nature as ‘feeling alive’, some say that riding a bike offers a sense of freedom. Riding a bike relieves us of stress and gives some alone time to think and take in the beautiful views of our surrounding.

A Brief History of Motorbikes

A bike or a motorbike was first used in England. It was a three -wheeler motorbike built by Edward Butler in the 18th century. Gradually many modifications were made in the 19th and 2oth centuries which resulted in better models that had more power. After World War I, Harley Davidson, the popular motorbike manufacturer had dealers in more than 65 countries and became one of the leading sellers of motorbikes. At present the motorbike manufacturing sector has been taken over by Japanese companies known to produce sturdy and top-quality bikes.

Solid Motorbikes for Women

The motorbike world was once thoroughly dominated by men. History suggests that women were also into riding these excellent machines during the 18th and 19th centuries. When it comes to buying a motorbike for women, weight and seat height matters. Unlike men, women do not go for heavy bikes. Comfort is more important to most of the women riders. Before buying a motorbike it is important to take into consideration the seat height, width and the weight of the motorbike. Going for a bike that does not weigh much will ensure easy handling and efficient maneuvering on tricky turns and curves. Women riders should also be able to comfortably balance the motorbikes with both their feet on the ground. It is one of the important things to remember.

Robust Machines for Men

When it comes to bikes, men always prefer the best version. They need a muscle machine with high powered engines to make their ride thrilling and fun. Biker enthusiasts seem to share a love or hate relationship for the widely preferred Harley Davidson bikes. In addition to this, men also prefer Japanese motorbike brands like Suzuki or Kawasaki for the speed and solid build. If you are into riding super fast bikes, then go for premium bikes like Ducati or Ferrari. Riding a motorbike is definitely an exciting and liberating experience which never fails to increase your style quotient.

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