Understanding a Motorbike Training Course

Before you can ride a motorbike on the road in the UK, you need to undergo proper training with a licensed training school. A good motorbike training course will help you to get onto the road in no time. However, not all training schools will provide you with great results. There are many trainers out there so how do you choose the best one and what should you expect?

The CBT Training Course

Since 1990, learners have been required to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before they can drive on the road. Therefore the majority of training schools will mainly offer CBT motorcycle lessons.

A CBT course has five sections. Firstly you undergo an introduction. This will teach you how to properly sit on the bike and how to control it before you start moving. You will take part with in-school training followed by in-school riding. Then once your instructor feels that you are ready, you will take your training on-road and then you will finally get to ride on-road too. Every motorbike training course has to follow these five sectors in sequence. It doesn’t matter which training school you go to. Whether you choose CBT London or CBT Cardiff courses, you will still have to learn the same way that everybody else does.

It is worth noting that every learner needs to have completed at least 2 hours on-road riding. If you find CBT motorcycle training that doesn’t offer a minimum of 2 hours on the road then it would be worth finding a different school.

Once you have passed your CVT test, you will then need to apply for your theory and practical tests in order to attain a license.

Additional Training Available

As well as CBT training, there are advanced training courses available. These aim to give experienced motorcyclists additional skills to better handle their bike. Not only can this help to keep you safer on the roads, but it can also help you to potentially lower your motorcycle insurance too.

No matter which type of motorcycle course you choose, you need to decide how you want to learn. Typically a Motorbike training course will last one week. You go to the centre and stay there for a week, undergoing intensive training. The other option is to train gradually over a period of time. This type of motorcycle training course is the most popular option though it will take longer for you to attain a license.

To find good bikes training course, you may want to take advantage of the free taster sessions that many schools have. These taster sessions last one hour on average and they allow you to see whether you get along with the trainer and the teaching method.

Overall it could take a while to find the right motorbike training course to suit your needs. Aim to learn with a respectable company and always ask to see if they give free taste sessions. Even if you are an experienced rider, you could still benefit from advanced motorcycle training.

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